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Shower Door and Mirror Company


How To Start a Shower Door and Mirror Company

Many people assume that just because a company works with windows and doors that they also do shower doors and mirrors. The truth is shower doors and custom mirrors have a slightly different skill set. Of course many of the work qualities are the same but whenever you are dealing with custom glass and mirrors you will need not only highly skilled installers but the proper salesman and estimators to help the customer find exactly what they are looking for.

There are some companies that concentrate only on shower doors and mirrors. These companies need to be marketing specifically to their customers. They can use google adwords and target the exact keywords and phrases they need or they can put together an SEO campaign that targets those buyer ready keywords.

The bottom line is that the more custom or niche your business is the more targetted your advertising efforts have to be. Hope that helped with anyone who has an interest in starting this type of business.